Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dry run...

I think I may have struck a balance with how to incorporate foldables and graphic organizers in my interactive notebooks while still be able to keep up Cornell-style note taking.  In the spirit of the left-side/right side of interview notebooks, I'll have only one "left-side" page foldable, and the other pages will be Cornell notes.  I think I'll initially have the foldable pre-made, but gradually release them to make their own (dare to dream?).

I also think I've come across a student record keeping/goal setting that I can work with.  I'm looking for a little embedded structure in my own record keeping.  I'd like to have the assignments separated by how they're weighted for grading, but this works for now.

This unit's major vocabulary.  The students' books will have more.  I was too lazy to go beyond getting a visual feel.  

Cornell notes on the right-side, a foldable on the left.  I think I'll keep the foldable and graphic organizers as a team closure activity.

I'm still working on a protocol for absent students that works for me.  I"m considering going the Kagan route and having that be a cooperative learning role—it's the facilitator's job, right?

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