Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting off the ground...

I've been doing a lot of internet-based research on how to get my interactive notebook off the ground.  I've started my own master-version, and I'm finding that i should do a little more "staging" before the pasting process begins.  After some things have gone down, I've discovered things that I wished came before other pages.  It's ok.  This is a learning process.  Plus, I can always paste to the back.

I'm debating with myself about how much/deep I intend on going with the foldables and interactive graphic organizers. I've done a lot of Cornell notes in the past, and due to foolishness, I haven't done so this year. I'll most likely be incorporating a balance of the two. 

I'd like to take a moment to thank all the math-teaching angels out there who have done the amazing job already and are willing to share it all with the world:

I'm still in the planning and staging process.  I feel very positive and hopeful that this will help my kids.  It may not be the silver bullet that I'm looking for, but change is almost always a good thing.

Cover and Bobby Straightedge:

Learning styles and cover information

Personality inventories

The start of a unit, with a pocket and vocabulary Frayer models. 
I think I'll have my students set up for the upcoming unit for homework after they take their unit test.  It'll be something simple to reset their heads after a test. I also want to have some sort of progress tracker organized by standard or objective, and a place for them to record their scores and revision scores. 

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